Since ancient times, people in India have been using hand-made pens (Kalam) made with thin bamboo sticks, by simply peeling it on one side and making a nib like pattern at the end. This pen was then dipped in ink and could be used for writing. From the aboriginal tribes who still make virtually every household requirement from bamboo, to artisans who have modeled it into exquisite works of art, this versatile grass has always been an integral part of the Indian culture. Through the ages, the bamboo has found vibrant new expressions in our daily lives. Besides being at least thrice as strong as steel it is virtually impervious to weather and provides a creative solution for our ever growing needs.

The Bambookaa was conceived as an idea to indigenously produce  a lifestyle product that combines the marvel of technology with a time tested utility.

 We are also proud to be associated with India’s tribal community, 50% of whom depend on bamboo produce for their livelihood.

Q: A Bamboo bicycle?

A: Yes. The frame of the bike is made from a specific species of bamboo that is known for being light and incredibly strong. It is stronger and lighter than most alloy steels. Our frames are joined using either carbon fiber or hemp, treated with an epoxy-resin. Bamboo has been used for hundreds of years as a structural material for houses and is commonly used for scaffolding. We’ve taken it a step further to fashion it into a unique lifestyle product that is durable, eco-sustainable and offers tremendous health benefits to the user

Q: Why bamboo rather than any other material?

A: Besides its pleasing aesthetics, a bike made from natural resources like bamboo greatly reduces your carbon footprint. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and the smooth ride quality. Bamboo, with its dense cellulose structure actually dampens road vibration and is smoother on the road than bikes made from the usual materials (steel, aluminum, and most carbon bikes)

Q: How is the frame made?

A: The bamboo is specifically selected, heat-treated and joined using extremely strong natural fibers or synthetic material combined with an epoxy-resin. The frame is a sealed system using a combination of polyurethanes and varnishes that are designed to withstand extremely harsh environments and provide longevity that surpasses anything else in the market.

Q: How much does a Bamboo Bicycle weigh?

A: Due to the custom nature of the Bambookaa, the weight can vary. However, as a thumb rule, they are generally lighter than a steel and aluminum frame and slightly heavier than a carbon and titanium. But importantly, the comfort of ride exceeds all other materials. The specific weight of your customized pedelec will be determined by your choice of seat, tyres, pedals, handles, brakes and suspension.

Q. What is a ‘Pedelec’ ?

A: Simply put, a pedelec is something between the classic bicycle and its new fully motorized version. The pedelec is equipped with a motor but it still requires the rider to keep pedaling while giving the rider a smooth assist in difficult terrain or to relieve fatigue in long distance rides. Our unique pedelecs come standard with a Smart-Glide for unparalleled riding pleasure.

Q. What is ‘Smart-Glide’?

A: Smart-Glide is the ultimate customization to your handcrafted pedelec. It was born out of a need to eliminate wasteful and cumbersome wiring, leakage of current and the bulky LCD displays that are prone to weather as well as theft. To overcome all these hurdles, the Bambooka uses an app which can be downloaded on any smart phone. The app connects wirelessly to the motor by Bluetooth and allows you to control your ride at every step of the way for an effortless plug and play experience you must try to believe. With the Smart-glide you can increase or decrease the amount of motor assist to conserve your battery or use it in full motor assist up to 70kms on a single charge.

Q. Tell me more about the Battery and its maintenance?

A: As with all other features, the battery of the Bambookaa is designed for easy use and maintenance. The bottle shaped battery fits easily into the dock provided and is an ICCS: Independent Charging Cell System that allows for the replacement of individual cells rather than the entire battery in the rare event of malfunction

Q. Can I charge my phone with the battery?

A: Yes, the battery come equipped with a single USB port that can be used to charge your phone if needed. But fair warning, if your phone is not optimized it may drain the battery over time and affect the efficacy of your pedelec. We recommend that you charge your phone adequately before setting out for your ride and use the battery to primarily power the motor.

Q. What type of customization do you offer?

A: Our pedelecs offer complete customization. The frame is sized according to your height, weight and body type. Then every aspect of the Bambookaa is yours to build upon as you wish. The selection is virtually endless from the tyres, brakes, suspension type, seats and pedals. We also offer personalized laser engraving which could be your name, signature or any airbrush design you can think of for a pedelec just as unique as you.

Q. How long will a bamboo frame last?

A: If you care for your bike and carry out regular maintenance, the materials used provide longevity over any other option. If however, you treat it with indifference, the expected life span may be not exceed a few years.

Q. Will the bamboo degrade over time?

A: All evidence proves otherwise. We stock bamboo species that are naturally resistant to degradation. If cared for and stored correctly, your frame will last for many years of smooth riding.

Q. Do I need to take special care for storing my Bambooka orcan I just leave it outside?

A: The Bambookaa is built to last, leaving it outside should not pose any problems. That being said, we urge you to give your hand built pedelec the love and care it deserves. It would be ideal to set aside a dry spot indoors for it!

Q: What type of warranty do you offer?

A: We offer a lifetime* warranty on the frame against any manufacturing defects like bamboo cracking or splitting and any joint defect. The better you care for it, the longer it will last. We stand behind our product and take the utmost care in selecting the best bamboo and natural fibers for each bike.

Q: How do I order my Bambookaa?

A: This is a custom built product. Contact us by mail or telephone and we will help you create the best possible option depending on your need.

Q: What happens when I place the order?

A: As soon as you place the order, we will contact you to further discuss the sizing and component kits. The price of a fully-built bicycle will depend upon your component selection. We strongly believe in involving our customer in the build process as this develops personal bonding with this beautiful product. After this we will provide you with a final cost and a delivery date as to when you can expect your bike.

Q: How long does it usually take for delivery once all selections have been made?

A: Typically, the build process can take 4-6 weeks depending on the production queue.

Q: How will I know that it will fit me?

A: Through our sizing process (which might require some basic physical measurements of your body) we can ensure that the bike will fit you perfectly.

Q: I am not your average-sized person (over 6’2″ or over 100 kgs), can you build a bike for me?

A: Of course! Depending on your height/weight requirements we can select from our bamboo stock and build you a frame that will be sturdy and comfortable enough for your riding pleasure.

Q: I am still unsure about ordering a Bambookaa bicycle. Can I contact someone?

A: Absolutely! Bicycles are our passion and we love to talk about them. The best way to reach us is via email by using the contact form given below. If speaking is best, we’ll setup a time to connect.