While every effort has been made to ensure accurate data and display depictions of Bambookaa™ listings within this web site, it may not reflect all items accurately or fully. All Inventory listed is subject to prior sale. The Bambookaa™ photos displayed may be for representational purpose only. As bamboo is a natural material, the colours seen in the picture and the actual product may vary slightly. Pricing throughout the web site does not include any extra features or options that may have been installed on the Bambookaa™ product used for representational purposes; accessories shown in the photos may not be a part of standard equipment. Because of the numerous handcrafted and personalized possible combinations of Bambookaa™ models, styles, colors and options, your Bambookaa™ product may differ from the Bambookaa™ pictures used on this site; however, it will match as closely as possible. Some Bambookaa™ images shown are either stock photos or coupled with stock photos, and may vary from your exact choice of Bambookaa™ color. The company reserves the right to change the pricing, specifications, models offered, and privileged offers if any, from time to time, at its discretion.