Designed with precision
handcrafted to perfection

Bambookaa® began as an idea to create an everyday utility product (the bicycle) with a naturally available raw material (bamboo), and integrating electrical assist to make everyday commute and hobby riding a whole new experience. Coupled with our ingenious SmartGlide™ technology for cruise control capability, our unique bamboo pedelecs offer excellent ride quality with seamless power assist.


plus design sketches and drawings


scaled down prototypes


plus days of refining the design, physics and aesthetics


plus days of toiling to get the perfect frames

Designed to inspire

From the frame, to the motor and battery, to the well thought of rider comfort –  every aspect of Bambookaa® has been designed with love and care, to inspire the serious urban fitness and eco-friendly enthusiast.


Handcrafted bamboo frame with laser engraved logo


Powerful 250W brushless DC Motor


36V, 5200 mAH ICCS FCDC battery


Smartphone app with Bluetooth® connectivity for optimal assist control

Available in 3 natural colours

Earth Brown

For the eco warrior – the perfect natural colour for your Bambookaa®

Desert Fawn

A light and soothing brown that grabs attention in an urban setting

Jungle Green

A relatively rare and beautiful shade of green bamboo, picked for you

The Frame

The Bambookaa® design reflects an optimal geometry for the perfect weight balancing of motor, battery, frame and rider. Extensive R&D ensured that we got the bamboo components at the accurate angles, to enhance ride stability.

Each frame is cured, disinfected and glass epoxy coated for extreme weather resistance; it is also tested as per stringent in-house norms for strength, durability, shock absorption, and weight stress/load.

Each joint is designed to optimally absorb shocks, while retaining strength – so it works in tandem to provide excellent shock absorption while easily handling physical stress.

The App

Your Bambookaa® pedelec is assisted by a simple, easy-to-use mobile application with Bluetooth® connectivity to the motor. It offers an industry-first 99 levels of electric assist to suit any riding mode and comfort.

This custom app offers 4 preset riding modes, with manual override for a personalized experience. The app allows you to customize the assist based on the rider’s weight.

It has a built-in Odometer, Speedometer, Clinometer, and a battery monitor that displays charge and temperature.

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